Why “in the style of a game?” Why not make Hamlet an actual game?


These questions represent a problem we pondered a great deal while planning our presentation of Hamlet. We even discussed adding controllable characters, win and fail conditions, and what it would all look like together. But ultimately, we envisioned Hamlet as a study tool for students who wanted to experience Shakespeare in a way that has not been done before.

To be a true study tool, it must allow students access to all of the information available at any time. It would not be possible to offer challenges to the player with rewards of more gameplay and keep the educational vision of the project intact. If, for example, one had to conquer a series of challenges during Act 1 to reach Act 2, we would be hindering those who buy the app to study for their test on Act 2 the next day!

So, what we’re offering is a little closer to machinima, except that the player controls the pacing, and how often notes display on the screen with the original text.


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